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“Our participants were moved, inspired and motivated to take action by Maureen’s message. She is funny, full of great insights and strategies and enjoyable to watch."

- Lethia Owens, Game Changers International

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Stress-Less: Simple Strategies to Help You Feel More Energized and Focused

Become Your Own Nutritionist: Fuel Your Body for Energy, Health and Healing

Create Your Divine Plan for Healing your Relationship with Food and your Body

Stress has become society’s badge of honor. Unfortunately this badge kills. Many diseases and ailments are the result of constant stress. It takes a toll on your body, impacts your health and work capacity which ultimately diminishes corporate performance. You will become more aware of the causes of stress in your life so you can stress-less and achieve a sense of balance. 

When you were a kid you ate to intuitively ate what you needed for fuel and optimal health. Unfortunately, as you grew older, you forgot that innate wisdom and started to eat according to the advice of others. During this experiential experience Maureen will walk you through the 5 steps of her philosophy, Intu^nutrition training that marries each person’s intuition with the highest nutrition available at any moment. You become the expert on what works best for you and your body.

The billion dollar diet industry banks on society being fat, sick and walking dead. The DIEt industry ignores your unique needs and instead focuses on selling the latest quick fix or fad system. As a result of these plans, you may lose the weight yet statistics show that for 95% of DIEters, the weight comes back with a vengeance. This program helps you heal your relationship with food and your body. You will feel better than you have in long time while still enjoying many of the foods you love.

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The typical professional's lifestyle is demanding and depleting. Our world is changing at a rapid pace and employees are finding themselves depressed and stressed. I believe that when given a chance to make a better choice regarding their health most people will when offered the proper information, tools and support. 

My work with organizations provides the framework needed for employees to experience a powerful and life enhancing transformation that helps them feel and be their best.

I would love to help your organization.

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